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Jul 26, 2011 11:00pm EDT
news decides to rewrite its past, soviet style. it has pulled some embarrassing stuff about the murdoch scandal from its website, but we'll show it to you anyway. fox news gets tonight's rewrite. >> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects, and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever. >>> coming up, bill maher joins me with a look at the debt ceiling and the politics of calamity and how grover norquist's tv career got started. and later, how republican anti-union hysteria has led to defunding the faa. that's right, the federal aviation administration, the people who make sure that you're airplanes land safely. [ melody ] the bar is raised for everybody in an ap class, from the teachers to the students. i had a student the other day that said... "miss stacy, this class is changing the way that i look at things." sparking tha
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Jul 26, 2011 7:25pm PDT
singled out norway. and you know the "wall street journal" is accurate because as a murdoch paper, they've got proven ways to get inside information. [cheering and applause] it turns out on saturday we found out the attacks were carried out by anders breivik, a native norwegian christian with a 1,500-page manifesto railing against the muslimization of europe. now, some say these false reports of muslim involvement were a widespread failure of the media, but i say by going with their gut, these journalists were able to get the story they wanted and scoop reality. [laughter] and even if there was a rush to judgment, we must not repeat that mistake by rushing to accuracy. [laughter] just because... just because the confessed murderer is a blonde, blue-eyed, norwegian-born anti-muslim crusader does not mean he's not a swarthy, ululating, middle eastern madman. [laughter] jim. >> what do you make of the fact that he looked nordic? >> in the first few hours after any such event, there's so much information or misinformation flying about that i wouldn't want to draw too many conclusions. maybe
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Jul 26, 2011 11:30pm PDT
know. the media-- except for fox news, the "wall street journal" and a couple other murdoch holdings-- all parts of the media have a liberal bias. you can not deny that. >> actually, there was a stud they george mason university did, the first seven months of every president from reagan through obama and it turns out that the media hates presidents. the positive coverage is in the 30s and as a matter of fact clinton came off worse and obama came off worse in their first seven months than the republicans and, of course, in... on fox news channel, the obama numbers were at least 12 points lower. >> stephen: well, they have to be fair. (laughter) obama is 12 points worse. (laughter) >> on fox. >> stephen: okay. so this is... i mean, it's a great book. it's kind of like a graphic novel. we've got lots of pictures in here. it's a... it's a comic book. >> uh-huh. >> stephen: and you're in it a lot. >> yes, i am. >> stephen: if you're going to put yourself in a comic book, why cast yourself as an npr host? (laughter) why not give yourself, like, heat vision or something like that? why do it
Jul 27, 2011 6:00pm EDT
strauss- kahn's accuser and could be the next chapter in the scandal surrounding rupert murdoch's media empire. who wants the u.s. attorney general to get involved. >>> and i hope you were able to notice and absorb the lower humidity. the dew point 52 degrees at 6:00. the temperatures up into the low 90s. you know what? they're going to be making a comeback. heat and humidity. i will let you know how high it's going to go and we'll talk about tropical storm don next.  >> she's been talking to the media and now the hotel maid is accused -- accused the former imf chief of rape. diallo met with the manhattan district attorney this morning. the d.a.'s admitted that -- lied and cred built problems. she claims she sexually assaulted her when she arrived to clean his room and he's denied the charges. >>> some families of 9/11 victims are calling on the justice department to investigate rupert murdock. they want to find out if the reporters from the now defunct news of the world hacked into the phones of the family members of 9/11 victims. a london tabloid claims the new york police officer wa
Jul 27, 2011 7:00am PDT
. >>> tomorrow, the board of bbc will meet. the meeting is crucial for james murdoch. he's the coo and the chairman. he's the one who had attempted to orchestrate -- that attempted to orchestrate the $12 billion takeover. there are questions whether he will remain chairman. >>> right now, as we speak, fire investigators in fairfield are holding this news conference about that huge plastic plants fire that started yesterday afternoon on huntington drive near travis air force base. let's listen -- let's listen in. >> we've had fire cuts. >> did that affect debting water on it? i heard -- getting water on it? i heard there were like three hydrants. >> we had in addition to that crash truck units. they are what supplieses the a- fff foam. >> can you describe any on sta kems that you ran into? we did have -- on that skims that you ran into it -- onty kells. -- obstacles that you ran into. >> well, our goal was to maintain the property. we were able to do that. we did not have any injuries and we're very closed -- pleased with that. we had three minor injuries to firefighting personal. t
Jul 26, 2011 11:00pm PDT
the years. are you suggesting that the story of murdoch's possible downfall is yet another tabloid story, a tabloid story about a tabloid story? >> rose: tt's moreshakespearean. >> perhaps. >> rose: so tell me about joyce. w did you know about her? >> i read a lot of newspapers. this was an a.p. service wire story about a woman who had cloned her -- >> rose: dog.-- pit bull named , produced five -- five clones. her name is bernand mckinney, but at the bottom of the article they mentioned she might have been involved -- she might be joyce mckinney, she might involved in a 30-year-old sex and chain story. >> rose: sex and chain?sex and . >> rose: chained to a bed?yes. and it caught my attention. i ended up making a movie about it. >> rose: were you looking for ay jumped up at you? >> i'm always looking for stories. i mean, that's nothing unusual. this story jumped out at me. i had been thinking of doing a tabloid story. that had been on my mind. one of the characters in my movie "tabloid" describes that is t perfect tablo story. i believe they'r absolutely correct. >> rose: when makes the
Jul 27, 2011 5:00pm EDT
are scheduled to meet with the attorney general about allegations surrounding rupert murdoch's media empire. reporters are accused of trying to gain access to september 11th victims of private phone records. this allegation, as from a former new york police officer turned private investigator who says he turned on the proposal. the fbi has opened a preliminary inquiry into the allegations. >>> after 102 years of healing the military would walter reed medical center is closing. let's go live to the hospital for today's salute. >> there is a concert going on behind me that is the final ceremony to the closing of walter reed army medical center. this is where the light eisenhower passed away and where hundreds of thousands of other wounded warriors came before and after. some came to heal, some came to die, but all came to serve. >> this private first class is here with his family and he says his recovery has been easy thanks to the staff at walter reed. >> this service is outstanding. >> after losing two legs and an arm in afghanistan he has had 10 surgeries and needs another. he w
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)